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Effective from: 01.02.2024, until revoked

This policy applies to all houses operated by Staff House Zrt. and is binding on all residents – and applies together with the house rules specific to any actual building. This policy is a translation of the original Hungarian version; in case of a discrepancy, the Hungarian version shall prevail.

This policy sets out the rights, obligations and behaviour of persons living in the residential units and the related common units operated by Staff House Zrt. (“residence”) and other persons staying at the premises. It contains the basic rules which are essential for living together as a community and covers the proper and safe use of the houses, residential units, rooms, and equipment, maintaining their condition, and includes other relevant requirements that cannot be laid down in a separate set of rules.

It covers rules for the entire area of the residence, i.e. all the rooms of the real property and all persons who enter, use, permanently or temporarily reside in the house. Residents, visitors or other persons entering the premises are obliged to comply with the rules set out in the House Rules. Failure to comply with the rules may result in eviction or other legal sanctions for residents.

All residents must fully comply with all the instructions given to them by Staff House Zrt. staff.

Staff House Zrt. is entitled to unilaterally amend the House Rules at any time, which is published on its official website (www.staffhouse.hu and munkasszallok.hu).

  1. Only persons with a designated residential unit (residents) and Staff House Zrt. employees are allowed to enter the building. All other persons, including relatives and guests of residents, must have the written permission of Staff House Zrt. to enter. It is FORBIDDEN for any third party to enter the building without meeting the above rules. Failure to comply with the above requirements will constitute trespassing and will result in legal action under applicable law. Residents with access rights are only allowed to use the paths, corridors and stairs designated for them.
  2. Guests are allowed in the residence, except if otherwise restricted, until 21.00 with the prior notification and consent of the Caretaker.
  3. The making/storing/recording/transmitting of any sound recording, image recording, audiovisual recording/information/other data on the territory of the residence, on the premises – yard, front yard, etc. – and in the interior of the building is strictly FORBIDDEN, with the exception stated in this clause. Electronic devices, including cameras/mobile phones/other handheld communication devices, for the above-mentioned activities are only allowed to be used or carried on the premises of Staff House Zrt. if the images/films/recordings/data created/recorded/stored using such devices are exclusively for personal/private use, and not for commercial purposes, presentation to the general public or other publication, and if this does not violate any privacy rights or data processing regulations. Any procedure or action that deviates from the above rules shall be considered a breach of the rules and shall in all cases have legal consequences.
  4. It is FORBIDDEN to carry devices that endanger public safety (e.g., kitchen utensils with a blade or cutting edge of an unreasonable size, a throwing star, a switchblade or other object capable of causing bodily harm: e.g. bow, crossbow, chef knife, spear gun, slingshot, lead batons, truncheon, brass knuckles, electric stun gun, gas spray with a charge of more than 20g, etc.) on the territory of the residence, residential units and common areas.
  5. Upon arrival, the designated residential units may only be occupied after the registration forms and other documents and declarations have been completed.
  6. All rooms must be used for their intended purpose, especially toilets: men and women may use them separately as designated, and it is FORBIDDEN to use the toilets and washrooms reserved for the opposite sex in the building. In case of persons failing to use the facilities and rooms for their intended purpose, Staff House Zrt. shall not be liable for any accidents resulting from the improper use or the consequences.
  7. Regular cleaning of the residential units is the responsibility and duty of the residents. The cleanliness of the residential unit is checked weekly by the Staff House Zrt. staff – Area Manager, Caretaker, Staff House Managers – for which access to the residential units must be guaranteed by the residents in any case. Inspection of the residential units cannot be refused, obstruction or failure to comply will result in a written warning and, in serious cases, immediate eviction.
  8. Residents in the building are responsible for the preservation of the condition of items and equipment (furniture, washing machine, dryer, rice cooker, TV, refrigerator, etc.) in the building and for any damage to them. It is FORBIDDEN to install or repair electrical sockets.
  9. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to bring into the residential units any other electrical appliances other than those provided by Staff House. Exceptions are mobile phone chargers, laptops, tablets, and small consumer electronics. In the event of a breach of this rule, a report will be made, and the device(s) concerned may be confiscated by Staff House Zrt (Caretaker, managers) and returned when the resident moves out of the building.
  10. All residents are responsible and financially liable for the bed linen, furniture, equipment, and keys belonging to the residential unit in the building.
  11. Decoration is only permitted if it does not damage the integrity of the walls and furnishings of the residence. This includes the prohibition of the installation of custom-made clothes dryers, hangers, hanging brackets and any other devices requiring installation on structural elements or equipment of the residential unit.
  12. It is FORBIDDEN to take objects from the common areas into the rooms and furniture out of the residential unit.
  13. All must comply with the official fire and accident prevention regulations on the premises.
  14. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas of the residence. Smoking is strictly FORBIDDEN in the common areas and in the rooms, windows and on the balconies.
  15. Noisy behaviour and activities that disturb the peace and quiet of others must be avoided in the common and community areas regardless of the time of day. The consumption of alcohol is strictly FORBIDDEN in these areas, too!
  16. It is FORBIDDEN to bring any drugs, narcotics, and mind-altering substances to the premises of Staff House Zrt. and/or to use them on the premises and in buildings.
  17. Individually owned audio and video equipment (phones, tablets, players, speakers, etc.) may be operated in a manner that does not disturb the peace and quiet of others.
  18. Visiting of previously unannounced guest(s) or holding small gatherings (celebrations, entertainment) in the rooms may take place only with the prior notification and permission of the Caretaker, and in compliance with section 2, provided that the gathering or meeting (its noise, sound effects, nature) does not disturb the other residents spending their resting time and the people living in the neighbourhood of the residence.
  19. Food being cooked on the stove/in the microwave MUST NOT be left unattended, otherwise the containers – and their contents – will be removed.
  20. The common use and community rooms must be handed over in a clean and tidy condition after use. Any person who in any way contaminates or damages the common areas beyond the limits of their normal and proper use, shall immediately clean up the contamination (including contamination of kitchens, toilets and showers) and pay compensation for the damages caused.
  21. The temporary storage of junk in corridors is FORBIDDEN and the accumulation of rubbish in the residence is also FORBIDDEN.
  22. Infectious patients are not allowed to stay on the premises of the residence, or only in ways directly regulated by Staff House Zrt. (e.g. quarantine).
  23. For hygienic reasons and to protect the drainage systems, it is FORBIDDEN to prepare food, throw waste and residues from cooking into drains or pour them down the drains in the toilet, shower, bath and kitchen areas of the residence. Bathrooms and toilets and the equipment and drains installed in them must be used only for their intended purposes. Kitchen waste may be disposed of only in the containers installed for this purpose. Failure to comply with this rule is considered a serious breach of the House Rules, punishable by immediate eviction, in addition to paying for any financial damages.
  24. For hygienic reasons, all cooking-related activities, involving the preparation of raw food in the living quarters are FORBIDDEN, as well as the dumping or pouring them into the sink and/or bathroom drains in the room or the improper storage of food waste and leftovers (accepted practice: storage in a refrigerator, in a closed container). The use of rice cookers and other pressure cookers (electric and other types) is prohibited in the residence units. Failure to comply with this rule is considered a serious breach of the House Rules, punishable by immediate eviction, in addition to paying for any financial damages.
  25. Failure to maintain personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness will result in eviction from the community. It is FORBIDDEN to throw objects, waste or liquids out of the windows of residential buildings.
  26. Plants may be kept in windows, balconies, and corridors only without causing nuisance to others and in accordance with the applicable fire safety regulations.
  27. It is FORBIDDEN to keep dogs, cats and other pets on the premises of the accommodation.
  28. When moving from one residential unit to another, the tenant is obliged to cooperate with the house manager.
  29. Moving to another residential unit without the permission of the Caretaker and/or Staff House Zrt. is FORBIDDEN and may result in eviction from the residential unit.
  30. Residents officially registered and accommodated in the Staff House Zrt. buildings must report their absence of more than 5 days in writing (letter, email) to the Caretaker in advance. In the absence of such prior written notification, the resident concerned may be removed from the residence and evicted if the absence exceeds 5 days. In such a case, Staff House Zrt. will be responsible for the safekeeping and return of the property left behind (equipment, objects, etc.) for 15 days from the beginning of the absence.
  31. Residents who are officially registered and accommodated in the buildings of Staff House Zrt. may move out by their own decision after giving written notice but moving back within 60 days may be refused by Staff House Zrt.
  32. Moving out is possible after consultation with the Caretaker and by filling in and signing the exit form and the room inventory. The rooms and the equipment must be cleaned and returned to their original state.

In the event of a request or declaration to be submitted to Staff House Zrt, if it is not in Hungarian, the resident submitting the request/declaration must involve a liaison person delegated by his/her employer in the communication and management of the process who is proficient in the languages necessary for clear communication.

Any requests or problems should be at first addressed to the Caretaker!

Non-compliance with any of the House Rules may result in immediate eviction from the accommodation!

Knowledge of and compliance with these rules do not exempt you from being familiar with and complying with the rules of the actual building you reside in.